Continuous Drying in Hybrid Solar Dryers

We make high quality copra by drying fresh coconut meat (kernel) in hybrid solar dryers. With efficient and continuous drying technology, we can reduce the moisture content of fresh coconut kernel from around 50% to lower than 6% within 48 hours. This result can be achieved by utilizing solar energy during daylight and renewable energy from smokeless biomass burning all night long.

The key success factors in making superior quality of copra within short period of drying time:

  • Pick only mature coconut fruits for drying process. Immature coconuts have high water content but low oil so that after drying, the copra will have rubbery surface.
  • Coconut must be put in dryer immediately after opening to prevent microbes such as fungus, mold, and bacteria to grow
  • Keep the temperature in the oven dryer between 60 to 70 degree Celcius. Higher temperature will make copra burnt, whereas lower temperature will allow microbes growing and spoil the copra.
  • Do not stop to induce heat to the oven dryer so that the drying process will run continuously.
  • Inspect the copra periodically during drying process. Any damaged copra should be removed from oven dryer immediately.

[put schematic diagram of hybrid solar dryer here...]

Standard Quality of Our Copra

Prior to shipment, all copra cargo are inspected carefully by Quality Control team before release to customers. All product must be compliance with the following characteristics:
Moisture content: maximum 6%
Free Fatty Acid content: maximum 0.5%
Green: 0% (not detected). Green is caused by fungus, mould, and other microbes growing due to high moisture content.
Burnt: maximum 2%. Copra turns black when it's burnt that usually caused by too high temperature during drying process
Smoky: maximum 5% Copra turns dark yellow to brown when it was dried in high temperature
Rubbery: maximum 5% Immature coconut has low oil content, therefore after drying the skin is plastified and looks like rubber.

high quality copra

Uses of Copra

High grade copra is edible and safe for human consumption as food. Normally, edible copra is sold in the market place in dried fruits section. Please check out our edible copra price.
Raw material to extract coconut oil.
Copra is an oil-bearing raw material and is used to extract coconut oil. It's rich of lauric acid that can be processed later for edible oil, haircare oil, cooking oil and shortenings, soap, etc.
Animal feed
Copra is an excellent diet for some animals like horses and cattles. Copra is crushed into coarse particles and packed commercially for animal feed. Some popular brands of horse feed using copra available in the market are CoolStance, CarpenterGold, Maxisoy, NutraCool, etc.