Pakistan Business Opportunity:
Import Dry Coconut from Indonesia

Today Price: Rs 276 per kg (USD 1,250 per Metric Ton), CFR Karachi Pakistan
Last update: 9 October 2022.

In 2019, Pakistan is noted as the 4th largest importer of dry coconut (copra) in the world. Dry coconut is an important ingredient in many Pakistani cuisines. Pakistan import dry coconut mostly from neighbor countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. But you’ve got to know that importing from Indonesia offered you greatest benefits and, of course, great profit for your business too.

Making dry coconut
Dry coconut: from drying to packing to shipping

Why import from Indonesia?

Indonesia is the world's leading coconut producer in 2019, with about 17.13 million metric tons of coconuts produced. That should be giving the whole picture of the coconut business.

Edible Copra sold at Lahore Pakistan market place
Dried Coconut (Edible Copra) sold at Akbari Mandi marketplace in Lahore Pakistan on dry fruits section, 2022.

How to Import Dry Coconut from Indonesia

It sounds interesting, doesn't it? So if you're interested in setting up coconut business in Pakistan, please read step-by-step guide for beginners below:

  • Market research:
    Before you start investing in coconut business, you should do market research first. Visit your local market places especially dry fruits section. Find out the retail and wholesales price. Calculate how much trading volume. Determine how much the market portion you would like to seize. As conclusion from your research, you should be able to decide: go or not.

  • Set up your legal entity:
    You must have a valid legal entity to be eligible as an importer in Pakistan. It costs you as low as Rs 500 to set up a complete legal entity. Watch this video for detail procedure on how to get import export license in Pakistan.

  • Calculate your landed cost:
    In addition to product price and ocean freight cost that you pay to supplier, when the cargo arrives Karachi port, you have to pay other costs:
    - Import tariff (5%): estimated Rs 12 per kg
    - Value Added Tax (VAT) 17%: estimated Rs 41 per kg
    - Port handling and inland truck: estimated Rs 10 per kg
    - Estimated Total Landed Cost: Rs 338 per kg

  • Obtain import permit from Department of Plant Protection in Karachi, Pakistan:
    Dry coconut is an agriculture product that need to be inspected by Plant Quarantine Division of Pakistani Ministry of Food Security and Research. You must have import permit to be able to do quarantine process at port of Karachi. Please check their website here

  • Set your selling price:
    The best way to set your selling price is to monitor your competitors’ price and set yours according to your product positioning strategy. It is also important to consider things such as: landed costs, overheads, economic conditions and seasonal demand.

  • Set your own private brand and label:
    Having your own private brand and label for retail market will create a freedom for you to launch your own business strategy for success. Check private label option here .

  • Establish your distribution networks:
    The distribution channel is very important in the coconut business because it is a very fast moving consumable product (FMCG). The key to selling FMCG is their availability to the consumer. Put simply – if it is available, it will probably sell.
    Selling online through e-commerce is also a very good start in establishing distribution channels. Direct selling to big customers like dry fruits stores is also a good option

  • Be our long term partner:
    As a long term partner of Copra Indonesia, you can be assured of receiving a high quality product with the availability of meeting the demands of your target market. Please check today price here

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coconut sold at supermarket and grocery stores
dry coconut sold at Peshawar Dry Food market in Pakistan
Dried Coconut ( خشک ناریل ) sold at marketplace in Peshawar Pakistan on dried fruits section.
dry coconut sold at Karachi Dry Food market in Pakistan
Dry whole coconut (sabut khopra giri) sold at marketplace in Karachi Pakistan on dry fruits section. dry coconut sold at Dry fruits market New Adda, Sirki Rd, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Dry coconut (sabut khopra) sold at dry fruits market place, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.